The real example of chat dialogs that took place on Jan 20, 1998
(A little bit edited by Olezhka II)

: , ! Goodbye, I am disappearing! ( left us)
Anne : Maybe Stalk is a voyeur, Olezhka!
: Anne! We read in the school Krime and Punishment. I like Dostoevsky.
Ok II : Whau, DOOM! I hope that Beer Store is still open, find a couple of minutes to take two Foster's and drink to my health, comrade. Then tell us about your feelings and impressions! O
Ok II : Hey, STALK! Where are you? Tell us something, please! At least single word, comrade! How did you spent your summer vocation? O
Anne : Thank you all !!!!
DOOM : no man...i didn't.....didn't visit the beer store ...but i'll try..
Anne : In school we read the Brothers Karamazov. This is where it stared.
Ok II : Anne! My congratulations to him! O
: Anne! Take our congratulations!
Ok II : DOOM! You're still here? Did you try Foster's, comrade, since that time when I suggested it for you? O
Anne : I have 2 sons 6 years old and today 1/20 is my other sons birthday. He is 10.
: Anne! Why are you interested in Russia. It is very pleasure for us. But you may not answer.
Ok II : Pen'! How much is (2+2-2-2)/6 ? You have to know, if you are mathematics fan, comrades! O
Anne : The other day I watched a very intresting show on mathematics. About solving someones last therory. Some man at Princeton did it.
Ok II : Really geochemist - PEN'? I am chemist! Mostly - analytical chemistry. Mass-spectroscopy. Ask Dub (Oak) - he knows... O
Ok II : Anne! How many kids do you have? Sons? Daughters? I have a daughter, she is 9. O
: I am geochemist. But I am interesting in mathematics as well. It is my hoby.
Ok II : I've just sent Mr. DOOM to get some beer... O
Ok II : Stalk! Where are you from comrade and do you speak Russian? How did you spend your summer holidays? O
Anne : Russia , reading , movies and my kids.
Ok II : ? "" , DOOM? O
: Anne! What is your interest?
DOOM : ..... .....( ....)
Ok II : DOOM! You're really flying. Problem is SOLVED!!! "" means "STUMp!" O
: But we have solved this problem!